Welcome to the weekly wiki app challenge!

6/28-7/4 Challenge

I was torn between two apps - but I really liked the woodcut app from last week, so I thought we could try another one of theirs...

@play2cre8: I liked that you could choose different textures/woods/material to carve (including a pumpkin and a watermelon!) and also pick your starting form. The tools were simple to use - I had to make sure I had the sound off. You can also change the position of the light source. I wonder if this can be used more as a spatial visualization extension - create the sculpture and then draw what it looks like rotated 180 degress, draw imagining a change in light source position - both would be able to check.
Pros: Still working on this part....
Cons: So far - not sure I like the glue bottle to add material... wish I could zoom in for tighter work (I tried to use the three finger pinch - but it didn't zoom.)


6/21-6/27 Challenge

Ukiyoe -Woodcut-
From the developer: "You can create artworks of the ukiyo-e style. You can enjoy the process of practice handicrafts, "CARVE" a wood block, "PRINT" the woodcut on a paper, and "APPRECIATE" the woodcut artworks. You can be the woodcut meister!"

@SaDoane: This is such a neat app! It would be a great way for students to practice "carving" a block as a rough draft before going ahead with actual printmaking materials which can be expensive. I've had students spend several class periods creating an easy-cut block print only to not be happy with their end product. This app would allow students to see how varying thickness and directional cuts effect their piece.
Pro: Free and quite unique as I have not seen other printmaking apps.
Con: Somewhat difficult to control the thickness of lines as you work, but very minor issue.

@play2cre8: What a great way to go over the carving/printing process... I could see using the app as an assessment for the printing process... either capturing screen shots and uploading to showme or educreations for student voice-overs... or having the students create a video of screenshots and using in sonic pics to describe the process.
Pro: free for the basics, loved that the pressure rubbing during the printing process was evident in the app and the final print pulled.
Con: I struggled with control, would a stylus help? I need to play with it more.... Thanks for finding!

6/13-6/20 Challenge

MasterFX HD:
Day Dreaming doesn’t need to stay in your head, Turn Your Imagination Into Full HD Photos. MasterFX is finally here and it will make you the Master of Designers !

Screen Shot 2013-06-14 at 11.49.17 AM.png

From @SaDoane:
Lesson idea: Have students look at examples of Surrealist work. There is a huge list of artists and links to there work here. Then have students use this app to create their own Surrealist piece.
Pros of app: Free, easy to use, layers allow manipulation of objects individually, realistic effects and backgrounds. Can save image to device or upload to another application for further manipulation.
Cons of app: Only a selection of effects are free and you have to purchase other to unlock them. Some images may be too graphic for elementary school.
Example of lesson..

@ArtClasswithLMJ: Well, folks this is what I like to call a "freemium" app. It's free until you want more and then it's not free 'no more'. But over all this app really lets your creativity show through and would be fun for learning exercises and creative thinking or critical thinking activities. Simple fantasy projects could in cooperate this app but I do not think it is an app that should replaced general instruction. I strongly believe that apps are a bonus to tech in the classroom, that we cannot base our instruction around an app. But overall, it looks like it would be fun for elementary or middle school students, kudos for finding it.

Lesson Idea: I can see this as a springboard for a collaborative piece. Choose a word or theme to illustrate, and collaborate round robin. Because each stage can be saved as a picture or project, a slide show/voice over can accompany the storytelling... even deleting elements as needed. Could become a digital graphic novel....
Use the app to create ATCs for elements and principles of art - images can be uploaded to manipulate.
Manipulated self-portraits as a back to school project... using the effects to complement their personality.
Pros: a wonderful way to teach students about layers in illustrations.
Cons: I wanted to play with more effects! And I didn't like some of the 'cuter' stamps that were available - there are too many apps on the cute side.
Overall - I would share with students as more of an app to use within another app and to teach manipulation and layering... but probably not by itself to create a project around. Thanks for finding.
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